10 of the Most Inspiring Plus-Size Athletes You're Not Following

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We’ve all heard the tagline “strong is the new skinny,” and we couldn’t agree more. Although we definitely support weight loss for the sake of health and wellness, the days of struggling to live up to magazine-cover standards and take up the smallest possible space in the world seem to be behind us (thank goodness).
The latest generation of fitness enthusiasts are all about making the most of their bodies, not the least of them. Instead of starving and step-counting themselves toward some impossible ideal, they’re enjoying plenty of healthy food, doing their fitness thang and embracing their unique combination of curves, muscles and, yes, cushion.
Inspiration doesn’t have to be a size 2, or 6 or even a 10. In fact, inspiration doesn’t have to have any size. After spending some time on these inspiring athletes’ Instagram pages, you’ll be motivated to start or continue your own journey. Hopefully, you’ll learn to appreciate the perfect imperfections and resilient strength of the beautiful body you’ve been given.

Jessamyn Stanley

Women all around the world are drawing motivation from Jessamyn Stanley, a yoga instructor and self-described body positivity advocate from North Carolina. We could watch her all day.


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Amber Karnes

The founder of Body Positive Yoga, Virginia-based Amber Karnes promotes “self-acceptance, fat positivity, social justice, accessible yoga and mindfulness.”

Jenna Fziger

We love Jenna’s body-positive hashtags: #HealthAtEverySize and #IAmEnough.


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Instead of making apologies for her full figure, Glitterandlazers celebrates it.


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Louise Green

Louise Green calls herself “Big Fit Girl,” and we love her message of body positivity and acceptance at any size.


Her everyday, real-life fitness videos are enough to get anyone off the couch.


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Jessie Diaz-Herrera

Jessie Diaz-Herrera leads a body-positive dance class in New York City and is a dairy-free pescatarian. Need we say more?


Based in Germany, fitness enthusiast and blogger Jana calls herself “plus-size by nature.”


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Dana Falsetti

Dana Falsetti is a yoga practitioner who holds workshops to help others live intentionally and authentically.


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Lauren Mowatt

This self-love advocate and yoga practitioner says “do the universe a favor…don’t hide your magic.”


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Who are your favorite plus-size athletes?