Spark Spotlight: Kathryn (CHANGING-TURTLE)

By , SparkPeople Blogger
At SparkPeople, we love helping people accomplish big goals—but we believe it's equally important to celebrate the small successes along the way. Each week in the Spark Spotlight, we'll check in with a featured member about his or her proudest moments, biggest challenges and advice for others on living, thinking and feeling healthier. We hope these quick snapshots will help motivate you to keep moving steadily toward your own goals, week by week.
This Week's Spotlight: Kathryn (CHANGING-TURTLE)
Age: 62
Location: Sacramento, California
Small Success of the Week
Sometimes success can be as simple as making a plan and sticking to it. For Kathryn, she did just that. On her husband's birthday, she made a plan to have one thin slice of cake and a small bowl of ice cream and not go back for seconds—and she did it! 
What's your overall goal?
My overall goal is to be a healthy weight of 135 pounds on my 5' 2" frame.
How is SparkPeople helping you get there?
I love SparkPeople and have been a member since 2011. I feel that SparkPeople has been a big help in my life and I have led many friends to the site. I started on here weighing 210 pounds and lost 50 pounds before my hubby fell and broke his neck. With the stress of him being in the hospital and in care homes, I gained 15 pounds of it back. SparkPeople teammates gave me tons of support during this trying time and have helped me get back on track. I don't know what I would have done without SparkPeople to turn to every day. SparkPeople friends are the best.
What's your biggest challenge right now?
My biggest challenge is not giving in to binges when stress hits. I belong to a team that deals with binges and their support helps me get up and back on track after a fall.
What advice do you have for someone who just joined SparkPeople today?
My advice to new members is to join teams and make friends with those who will give you support and help you on your journey to get healthy.
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