SparkSpotlight: Krystin (GOODFELINE)

By , SparkPeople Blogger
At SparkPeople, we love helping people accomplish big goals—but we believe it's equally important to celebrate the small successes along the way. Each week in the Spark Spotlight, we'll check in with a featured member about his or her proudest moments, biggest challenges and advice for others on living, thinking and feeling healthier. We hope these quick snapshots will help motivate you to keep moving steadily toward your own goals, week by week.
This Week's Spotlight: Krystin (GOODFELINE)
Age: 31
Location: Bellevue, Nebraska 
Small Success of the Week
For #throwbackthursday, Krystin posted a fabulous before-and-after photo showing her weight loss efforts, with the caption "29 lbs to go!"  

What's your overall goal?
I have been on my weight-loss journey since October of 2016. I have a number goal of [getting to] 125 pounds, but my overall goal is to get healthy. I want to keep being able to do the things I couldn't do before—like take the stairs or to get on the floor to play with my niece (and get back up again)! I was in denial for a long time, but I was incredibly unhealthy and out of shape. I want to be healthy enough to live my life doing the things I want to do without having to worry about where I can sit to take a break or weight limits.
How is SparkPeople helping you get there?
I track all my food and exercise on SparkPeople; the accountability is fantastic. This helps me keep my weekly average on target and figure out what works for me. What helps the most, though, is the motivation. There is so much positivity from the other members that if I feel like slacking, I can just hop on SparkPeople and scroll for a while to feel revved up and ready to go!
What's your biggest challenge right now?

As I am nearing my target weight, my weight loss has slowed so my biggest challenge right now is keeping up my motivation compared to when the weight was coming off faster. SparkPeople comes in handy for helping with that.
What advice do you have for someone who just joined SparkPeople today?
I have two pieces of advice: First, be active with SparkPeople! Make sure you log everything daily, participate on the community feed, join teams, do challenges—the more you participate, the more your new habits will become a lifestyle. Second, don't be afraid to start with baby steps. I started by taking the stairs instead of the elevator and tracking my food. You don't have to change everything all at once to be successful, a slow transition works wonders.
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