The Go Get It Guide for A Joyful June

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Welcome to our brand-spanking-new blog, a place for me to ramble on (and now's the time, the time is now), share some amazing products and gear I actually use and love, laugh about the internet and maybe, just maybe, inspire a few people to get active, get healthy and get at it along the way.

To begin, a few of my favorite things about June: Rooftop bars, baseball with my brothers, the lady at the farmers market who always inspires me to believe that I really can learn how to use radishes, June Cleaver and June Carter Cash, sundresses, brainstorming outdoor things to do with an extra hour of sun on the summer solstice, and the lyric "She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey" because, gosh, it's poetic and pretty, isn't it?



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The struggle is real, folks! May's most popular Instagram post hits the nail on the head. Between rainbow bagels, a donut ice cream cone, avocado roses, sushi burgers and candy-ception, it's a glorious, delicious time to be alive.

And yet! Food trends and takeout 24/7 do not a healthy body make. What's a chic, hungry girl to do? Going in to June—where ballpark temptations, backyard barbecue and beachside soft-serve beckon—keep in mind that balance is key. Beating yourself up for indulging in your grandma's A+ cherry pie at the family picnic isn't going to help anyone and some foods are worth burning for, folks. When you do choose to grab some fried fare at the state fair, though, just be sure to enjoy in moderation and fully commit to making healthy choices the rest of the day.


Lunchtime workouts are great—you get a mid-day burst of energy, your workout doesn't interfere with after 5:00 plans and it's a nice way to reset your brain to take on any stress your workday has left to throw your way. The not-so-great part? The greasy, wet hair from that job well done. Since I started OrangeTheory Fitness, I've come to understand a whole new meaning of the word "drenched," and going back to work with sweat-dripping hair isn't exactly the most flattering look.

Enter Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. After removing some of the excess liquid with a towel or tissue, a few spritzes of this magic spray masks the damp look that comes after a hard day of squats, leaving behind a pleasant, flowery scent that stays with you until you can grab a proper shower. Those blessed with dark brunette locks like myself will have to rub the formula into the scalp to avoid a gray halo on your dome, but with a little massaging and a tight ballet bun, it works. Your hair won't look like you've just come from the blow-out bar, but it's enough to get you through meetings without a side glance from your coworkers.


No doubt about it, on May 19, America fell hard and fast for Chewbacca mom, Candace Payne. After purchasing a Chewbacca mask at her local neighborhood Kohl's, Payne shared her gleeful reaction to the mask's quirky growl via Facebook Live. Two days later, her short, but super cute video had been viewed, shared and adored by 105 million people, making it the most-watched Facebook Live video of all time.

In the weeks that followed, Payne accepted an invitation to Disney World, received full college tuitions for her entire family from Southeastern University and even sipped some coffee and enjoyed a leisurely bike ride with the furry Wookiee himself on Facebook's California campus. Her giddy giggle mixed with Chewie's recognizable grunt and the simple joy of a silly kid's toy combined for viral glory just in time for summer. Her infectious enjoyment reminded us to slow down, embrace our inner child and go re-watch the original three "Star Wars," which are really the only good ones (Trolls, be kind).

In a world full of negative news, we could all use a few more Candace Payne's.


Growing up, I was the chick with the rocket for an arm. Literally "Rookie of the Year" was basically about me. Serving ace after ace in volleyball and making those precision throws from third in softball for years, though, left my shoulder feeling no bueno. Residual pains continue to plague me every so often and with my new high-intensity gym obsession, I found myself whining to my boyfriend more and more often.

After trying a few light stretches on my own, an ow-that-hurts-but-thanks-for-the-effort shoulder massage from the boy and a foam rolling stretch recommended by a co-worker, I finally found the answer to my sore muscle dreams in a weird little device that can literally only be described as a bike handle welded to a rollerblade wheel. I guess it could also be described as Trigger Point's T-Roller if you want to get all technical.

Photo courtesy of Trigger Point. 

Rollers are great but bulky, and foam is great, but sometimes too soft. The hard wheel attached to this portable device provided concentrated pressure to the small area between my neck and shoulder that was making me hate pillows, sitting up straight and TRX-band day at my workouts. Within a few days of rolling just five minutes here, 10 there, I didn't feel quite the same twinge that came with running and yoga poses. It has since been tossed in my work bag for post-workout rolling when even the slightest pain rears its ugly head. Come at me, shoulder muscle soreness!

Thanks for hanging out SparkPeople! Sound off on your thoughts about summer or your favorite item in this month's Go Get It Guide below!

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