How It Feels to Lose Almost 200 Pounds*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I’m knocking on the door of my 200 pound weight loss by just 15 pounds. It has been a long journey- since December 2005. I wouldn’t speed it up or change a thing. I needed that time to make real change and learn to transition to a new lifestyle. A journey is a very individual thing. I found for myself, that losing around ½ to 1 pound a week allowed me to not starve and work on making lasting changes. One pound a week over a year is a 52-pound loss. 
I thought crossing over into the 300’s from the 400’s was exciting.Then I thought nothing could ever beat the feeling of losing 100 pounds. Then I lost 150 pounds, putting me halfway to my weight-loss goal.  I thought nothing would beat crossing into the 200’s, but then I realized that I was 40 pounds away from a 200 pound loss.  I lit a fire under myself to get that weight off.  Now I am excited that a mere 15 pounds stands between me and my 200-pound loss.
So how does it feel?  Physically, like walking on air compared to 460 pounds. Yesterday, I crossed my legs at the knees!  I was thrilled, granted I was leaned slightly back in a recliner, which helped. Seriously though, celebrate every win!  I fit in booths at restaurants and theater chairs well now. I feel perkier and more vivacious than I used to feel some days.  I'm still disabled in several ways, but I’ll take some days over no days anytime!
Mentally, I feel totally different. I feel like nothing can stop me like it has in the past. Tenacious would be a good word for how I feel. I want to go for things now and not just sit on the sidelines.  Some things still scare me though, because I’m still trying to get rid of my mental 460-pound Beth. 
Eating more organic, raw, and whole foods has really helped me lose weight. They keep me full and more energized. I shop for organic meats and dairy, but use fruit and vegetable washes on produce. It saves money.  I also eat meals that are cheap sources of protein and fiber, like tuna salad with veggies and kidney bean salad with garlic and red wine vinegar instead of mayo. A favorite snack of mine is nut butter with fruit.
Every move counts to me. I don’t care what the latest fitness fad is at the moment.  For those of us who haven’t moved in an eon or are immobile, we need to start somewhere.  Walking to the mailbox, sweeping, tidying, they all count. SparkPeople’s customizable exercise tracker can be helpful in remembering your favorite activities.  Whatever you do, keep pushing yourself a little at a time. You want to be challenged, but not so much that you will avoid the workout.
The journey really is the best part, it is odd to say. I always wanted to be thin immediately.   It wasn’t until SparkPeople that I learned that setting up for successful weight loss, getting support, reading, learning, and even writing would help me change. With each change comes a sense of accomplishment and growth. It's almost as if I am a child again, taking home finger paintings of new things I'm discovering in the world. Don’t wish it away; learn to love yourself and take the time to really change so that you won’t deal with the same weight over and over again. It really does feel great, both the journey and the weight loss that comes with it.

Are you inspired by Beth's weight loss journey? What win would you like to celebrate?

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.