Are You Using Your Foam Roller Correctly?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
If you've ever used a foam roller, then you probably have a love-hate relationship with it (I know I do!). You love it because it works, but you hate it because it hurts. I liken it to a good massage. When you're "rolling out" on a foam roller, it hurts so good.
For those who have never massaged their sore or tight muscles with a foam roller, here is a series of videos I created to teach you the ropes!
How and Why to Use a Foam Roller
Watch this super short video to learn the basics (and where you'll find one if you want to buy one). If the embedded video below isn't working, click here.

As you learned, you can exercise on or with a foam roller, or use it for massaging your sore muscles (more on that below). Both are very worthy causes! Here's a complete list of exercise and Myofascial release demos available for free at
Sample Workout: Firm Your Booty with a Foam Roller
Like the introductory video above mentioned, you can use a foam roller in a lot of ways. Think of it like a balance board or stability ball. It will add challenge to your core (and balance) when you exercise on its round surface. Here's a super short butt workout you can try with a foam roller. If the embedded video below isn't working, click here.

Sample Move: IT Band Release
This is a must-do for any runner. You've never felt your IT band like this before! But it's a great technique for any exerciser to learn the ropes of foam rolling (aka Myofascial release).  If the embedded video below isn't working, click here.

Are you a fan of foam rollers? What is your favorite way to use a foam roller?