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Alternating Front Jabs Exercise

Alternating Front Jabs

Starting Position Stand tall with your back straight, abs engaged, shoulders relaxed, arms at your sides, elbows bent and feet spaced wider than your hips, toes turned outward. Make fists with your hands and bring your hands up in front of your chin as if in "defense." Bend your knees and squat straight down toward the floor without pushing your hips back.

Action Breathe deeply as you punch one arm straight out in front of your shoulder (without locking the elbow), then pull that arm back in to the starting position and you punch the opposite arm forward. Repeat front jabs, alternating arms with each punch while trying to remain low in your squat.

Special Instructions Every punch should have two phases: the punch itself and the retraction, where you pull the arm back down with as much effort as you took to punch upward. Try to remain relaxed in your shoulders. Punch with greater force, squat lower and/or speed to increase your overall intensity.

Exercise Categories: Beginner Cardio