10-Minute Yoga Fusion Workout

A dynamic twist on strength training, this 10-minute segment will give you a shapely, defined physique by combining yoga, Pilates, strength training, and deep-muscle movements.

Member Comments

My knees are my weak points. Seeing all the comments about knees, I'm afraid to try this. I'll do a yoga that's not hard on the knees instead.
Tried to hold my other leg. Don't think so.
Really wish your camera had stayed on the beginner person a lot more. My first try at yoga. Maybe do a split screen with both showing at one time. Thank you!
Yoga fushion! Loved this way of taking yoga moves one step further! I love going to yoga three times a week & I'm going to be adding this to my home practise 😊
o hard for my knees.
I have practiced Yoga for a while but this workout was quite difficult for me. I needed some modifications and couldn't see them.
Great! I still have problems when I must grab my foot from the behind, because the muscle in my posterior thigh tends to cramp painfully; but I'm working on it and I enjoyed the workout a lot. Thank you.
Difficult but I am going to keep trying.
I agree. Frustrating that the modification ends up off screen. Really hard on knees. When they stretched back to grab their foot, I just redid plank and downward dog until they went to something I could do.
What the heck was this? This is not yoga. It has some yoga moves, but this video is garbage and some of what she does is dangerous and not benificial. Real yoga allows for stretching and muscle endurance. It also has more of a gentle flow. This was all over the place and there was no flow.
This hurt my knees and I've never done yoga before so I was looking forward to having the modification option but I could never see them. It was hard to know what was going on and keep your eyes on the screen while also doing the poses. Overall it just stressed me out.
Also the modifications were often off screen.
I agree with all the comments I read:
We need more short yoga videos on SP!
This was a good stretch
Ouch, this is not for beginners!
It will be hard on the knees for anyone who has that problem, but it does say that in the description.

I did not use weights.
Enjoyed this. Glad tried something new. I need work on the moves but will be back to try again.
Ouch!!!!!!! I'm out of shape